“I have long had an interest in the mental health system, and psychiatric issues. Having a close family member who was hospitalized twice, given electric shock and medications, I had a good idea of what the mental health system can be like. This relative later went on to work in mental health field in order to help others who were going through similar issues, and was appalled at what went on. The rotating door, of patients coming in, being over-medicated and thrown out when the insurance ran out only to withdraw from those drugs on the streets, weeks later coming in again worse than when they began. The lack of empathy from over-worked staff, the red-tape, but especially the drugs. The over-drugging. The labeling, and drugging again. The attempted suicides by patients who obviously were not being helped. The zombies who were so out of their minds that they didn’t even know their name or what day it was. This is real, and this book nailed it. This happens, this IS happening. The fact that some of the reviewers on here are so bigoted and caught up in what religion the author is instead of focusing on what the issue is, is appalling. Why are they not more outraged at our mental health system? Someone mentioned that they thought she was stuck back in the 50’s … WRONG! This goes on NOW. Some hospitals still administer electric shock treatment, including one in my own hometown. In fact things are worse. Everything has a label, kids are being put on drugs that are causing them to become more depressed, shoot up schools, commit suicide. We are a over-diagnosed, over-medicated society. There are people lost in the system without a voice. I applaud Ms. Klein for standing up and being a voice for some of those people. This is a good book. I could not put it down. It speaks the truth, and I would highly recommend it.”–LUCY