“‘In the Name of Help’ is a compelling story of greed and corruption perpetrated under the guise of mental treatment. It chronicles the life of Cathryn Solberg Kent, a once-beautiful woman who is dominated by an abusive husband and who then, after many electric shock treatments and two decades of addiction to psychiatric drugs, is caught in the web of a corrupt and uncaring judicial system. Cathryn’s life is taken over by a complete stranger who becomes her legal conservator and she is forced into living under demeaning conditions and subjected to further medication against her will. She is fortunate however to have two college friends, Nick and Linda, who become aware of her plight and join together to help their friend recover her dignity. As Nick and Linda uncover the trail of deceit and corruption which allowed Cathryn to lose all control over her life and person, unable to make even the most basic decisions in her life, they also discover their own love for each as their relationship matures into a romance based on honesty and trust. Well researched and written from the heart, this novel opens our eyes to the common psychiatric abuses happening in our communities all across this country, yet ignored by the media. It is time that we woke up to the shameful treatment which so many fall victim to in this age of psychiatric drugs and uncaring laws. This story is touching, tragic, and yet gives us hope for the future. It shows us how we can have hope for the future, and how decent people can prevail in the face of criminal “help.'”–A CUSTOMER