“Perhaps the loftiest of literary goals–and particularly that of the novel, as an art form–is the advancement of society. A novelist can, by means of telling a compelling tale with characters who deal with the most insidious causes of societal decay, create a profound and positive impact, and so stir the reader to thought and action. Diane Klein, with her book, “In the Name of Help: A Novel Exposing Psychiatric Abuse”, is such an author–one who passionately tells a powerful story through admirably-crafted characters with guts and heart enough to, in order to help a friend and family member, take on the psychiatric industry and the legal system it uses to enforce employment of its destructive practices (i.e., drugging and ECT, etc). There is nothing is more lethal to the survival of a culture than that which claims to help but, instead, knifes it with violence. The alarm this very entertaining story has served to sound for over fifteen years–warning of the abuse that psychiatry, while masquerading as a helpful profession but factually wreaks upon our world–rings yet louder, nowadays: one is today hard-pressed to find a show on television which is not sponsored by the latest psychiatric drug, and; few there are among us who do not know at least one close friend or family member who has fallen prey to the chemical imbalance ruse foisted upon us by Big Pharma and its handsomely-remunerated pushers, the psychiatrists. “In the Name of Help: A Novel Exposing Psychiatric Abuse” illustrates clearly that real help for mental problems is not only possible, but overcome only though hard work and caring. Diane Klein’s novel lays bare the despicable laziness, and desire for obscene profits without any real product, which prompts psychiatry’s pharmacological approach and, as such, represents an important work of contemporary literature.”–ROBB HENDERSON, Finger Lakes, New York