“In The Name Of Help is one of those stories that gives you a real chill — because it’s all too possible and all too real. It starts out with the cheerful fun of “college days” with the somewhat nieve Cathryn showing a glimmer of the mental fragility that eventually leads to her personal hell. Cathryn, so beautiful but so insecure selects a “control freak” for her marriage partner. Her willingness to accept “direction” from others (parents, doctors, husband) takes her into abusive situations where her own acceptance of her condition leads her ever deeper into a system that often has little to do with providing help to an emotionally fragile person. This is a gripping story — first of romance turned sour, then of fighting a system designed to minimize the power of those who might have the victim’s best interest at heart. It’s particularly frighting because this could really happen to almost anyone. The corruption that motivates several of the villains is all too possible in our psychiatric care and judicial oversight system. The book is a great read and is hard to put down. I highly recommend it.”–A CUSTOMER