“Klein details with well-researched authenticity how profit and political gain motives, force Cathryn to remain for many years drugged and incarcerated in psychiatric institutions, the kind of horror Kate Millett described in her much earlier book, ‘The Loony-Bin Trip.’ One of the key elements of Klein’s story is the law, and some people distorted by various forms of greed who use the law, specifically the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act, that allows a complete stranger to become someone’s legal conservator and force them into proscribed, institutionalized lives, subjected to involuntary medication and essentially imprisonment. All executed ‘in the name of help.’ Fortunately for the Cathryn of this novel, she has friends who use the law and their own considerable wits and courage to finally secure a release for Cathryn from this terrifying life of bondage and suppression of the talents she only started to develop in her earlier life. ” – DOUGLAS EBY, Beverly Hills, California