“I am not a big reader, but a friend sent me this book and I haven’t been able to put it down. It is a novel, which makes it very interesting, but sad to say it is filled with truth. Unless you have had a close friend or loved one who has been trapped within “The Snare” (The Mental Health System), you would not be aware of the atrocities that go on there. Especially when the legal system becomes involved in the form of a “Conservator” assigned by the “Public Guardian’s Office”. It is then you lose complete control of your loved one as they go around and around in the system while spiraling down, over drugged and labeled with a “mental illness” which can vary depending on which psychiatrist you talk to, because there is no scientific proof for any of their labels, and that’s a fact. The author has portrayed the whole ugly nightmarish trap very well while making it very interesting, as I said before. It is obvious she has seen it first hand as I have. My son had, before being trapped in “The Snare”, and on occasions still has a great sense of humor. He loves Monty Python and could quote a lot of their skits. One of the skits was called “Funny Walks”, which he says isn’t so funny anymore, because that’s what is going on all around him caused by the destructive drugs they are forced to take. WELL DONE DIANE!!!!!!!”–ANN PATRICIA WILLIAMS