“On one level, this is a well-written, very real love story. It’s a novel about two people growing up in the ’60s — who finally really grow up in the ’90s. It is also a modern setting of the classic gothic horror story — the kind of book you DON’T want to read alone late at night, or you might start thinking: “This could happen to me, right here, right now.” Because it could. Because it is also an expose of a REAL horror, that to my personal knowledge, does happen daily, to innocent people across the U.S.A. and around the world. Because the “things that go bump in the night” in this novel are not imaginary monsters, but real people, whose lust for power and wealth and hate for mankind, leads them into corrupting the judicial system for their own purposes, to those they are supposedly there to safeguard. DON’T read this novel if you are easily scared. Because by the time you’ve finished it, you will know that someone COULD be about to knock on your door, to haul you away to a shortened life of misery and horror… in the name of help.”–A CUSTOMER